The Drawing Room

1017 S 1st St. Suite 185, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Our creative studio is located in the Downtown
Las Vegas Arts District

THE DRAWING ROOM_edited_edited.jpg


Our HQ studio is located in the heart of
The Arts District of Las Vegas and offers
a well-maintained 23' X 27' foot creative space with 10' ceilings. 


The Drawing Room is a  creative hub for local artists to share their work
and connect with other local artists. 




Creating Community Through Art 

The Drawing Room Foundation is dedicated to creating projects with purpose with a focus on encouraging Art, Entrepreneurship, Local Business and Community Betterment across America. 


A) The Drawing Room Foundation is dedicated to creating projects with purpose that focus on encouraging art, entrepreneurship, local business collaborations and community betterment. 

B) To provide artists access to affordable professional resources, including space rentals for rehearsals, workshops, classes & events

C) To Provide Free Entertainment to Veterans In and Outside our nations VA hospitals through partnership with Pin-Ups on Tour 

D) To provide direct grants to artists so they can use their talents to develop “projects with purpose” that better their local communities 

E) To encourage Mental Health,  Playfulness, Fitness & Mindfulness practices for better performance



The Drawing Room Foundation was formed in Nevada in 2021 as nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 Status.