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Your Socially Distanced Activity Can Be Fun

With scavenger hunts and parades to virtual tastings and having to do almost every gathering outside…the year of 2020 has been weird, to say the least. And as we step into a new year, we are given a sense of new beginnings and anticipation for what’s to come. While we are looking ahead to antidotes to this pandemic, we are still having to adjust our everyday lives for now. Everyone has had to become pretty creative with the way they communicate and interact with their relatives and peers - some ways being so creative you just can’t help but be inspired by it. We have pulled some of our favorite ideas from moments that we have experienced from and with others during this pandemic both in personal and professional life. Hopefully you can draw some inspiration from us!


Hosting a drive-by style parade or party is a great way to connect with one another while still maintaining a considerable amount of distance. Everyone stays in their vehicles and typically drive past a home or homes of people they want to say something important to like "Happy Birthday," or "Congratulations." The thing we like most about this activity is the decor because each car can get creative with the way they decorate their ride!

Definitely one of our favorite activities in this list. A drive-by concert is optimal since it is outdoors, socially distant and entertaining! Again, you can dress up a nice car and hire a group to play out of the truck bed or right in front. This is a very creative way to bring entertainment to everyone as the vehicle can be driven up to homes, work spaces and/or an area like a park or parking lot. The options are almost unlimited.

Drive up and jump out...or stay in, if you want! A drive up concert or show in general gets everyone out of the house and grooving to some tunes together in a safe, socially distanced environment. In most major cities, there are ways to rent equipment for stage set up or you can hire companies to do this as well. There are many ways to set up a stage from low-budget options to more professional settings. Next is booking entertainment and venue space, like a parking lot, optimally. Invite attendees to attend by parking in a designated spot and respectfully staying in place between the lines to ensure social distancing. Everyone is more than welcome to jump out onto their sunroofs or bring a couple of lawn chairs to sprawl out in as well!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, open-air gatherings really are great because it gets everyone out of the house that they have been cooped up in and takes them somewhere safe - with fresh air and friends. No matter what everyone is gathering for, you can ask them to bring a blanket, their favorite snacks and space out by about six-feet. Events like this are great for live music, book clubs, poetry, variety shows and so much more!

Since a lot of people have been getting creative during the pandemic, there are so many unique scavenger hunts you can find online. It is simple to pick one you like or you can develop one yourself, print or send them out and invite friends! This can be done in your home with family, neighborhood, office or throughout your community.

Invite friends, family and peers to come and go as they please. Throwing an event at your home or a venue where guests have an allotted time frame in which they can arrive sporadically, allows for guests to know there will not be a lot of people together at once but the gathering will be spread out accordingly.

Virtual tastings are an awesome new addition to the list of socially distant activities that can be planned during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is so fun to participate in these and not too difficult to plan one either. Platforms such as Zoom and StreamYard, amongst many others, have made video conferencing simple and accessible for pretty much anyone with a laptop or smart phone. The basis of this activity requires a link to be created, attendees to be invited and a tasting item such as beer, wine, cheese, etc. to be sent to the attendees designated mailing address. A host for the event is great to walk everyone through their tasting experience and an assist to iron out technical difficulties.

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