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The Perfect Venue Does Not Exist

"Something truly DISRUPTIVE, IMMERSIVE entertainment company. A platform of INNOVATION, CREATIVITY & WONDER..."

...says Chief Executive Officer Winston Fisher. And - we have witnessed first hand that it really is everything Fisher says it is, but unfathomably more.

Or does it?

It turns out that the portal to a new dimension, is really just in Las Vegas, adjacent to the iconic Strip. Oh, and did we mention that it will change the way you do events, probably forever? ΛREΛ15, and always to be addressed as so, is a moving, breathing, work of art...literally. Upon entering this unique environment through a spaceship like transporter, you'll discover the head to this body of art. Now, what you see in the image below is not always what is projected onto this skull. Several manually dispersed projectors cast mesmerizing geometric shapes blended with melting colors, designed specifically by the artist. And yet, the top of this reverse supine work of art is just the beginning.

Keep reading till the end! And discover how this venue offers a GRAND ENTRANCE unlike anywhere else.


Step in a bit closer and you'll find an odd, wood masoned bar. This space creates the most whimsical and galactic feeling as guests sit under the light of neon foliage and light emitted diodes. A cocktail reception with colorfully curated mixology and mingling in the mood-light, we might suggest?


Tranquil yet still somehow immersive. Envision stepping out of the party into a more peaceful setting - made up of viridescent vegetation, a trickling water feature and canopy shelter. An area we think might be the perfect fit for your next birthday party.


This particular, and may we say peculiar, event space within the venue, boasts 360° envelopment. A world of its own. A force of motion. The walls and floor display graphics that move around guests so fluidly that a trance like state is not hard to set into. Not to mention, all imaging is customizable, as well as the options for furniture, decor, food and beverage. Idyllic event space for dreamers, makers, finders and movers - Can literally be reworked to host any event.


Our finale of a finish to this masterpiece in motion is simply, a lot. Just your average lot, of course...with a restaurant from a world renowned chef, a massive stage, shipping container food/retail/beverage carts, and customizable designs and layouts for your next special event. Guests can eat, drink, and be one in the fresh air under the desert night sky, engulfed by monumental sculptures, art cars, colors, shapes and sounds.

You made it to the end! If you just scrolled through though, the ΛREΛ15 extraterrestrials will know...

Enter the event in one of the venues art cars. This baby is not just nice to look at, she is street legal too.

More to see -

Check out this venue and everything else it has to offer...the possibilities are LIMITLESS!

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