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7 Iconic Las Vegas Spots to Get Photo & Video Content

Our team knows Las Vegas - the old, the new and the ever flourishing. It is a city that needs pretty much no description because everyone knows about it; I mean, unless you are stuck in a daze from being in quarantine for too long, which is understandable. There is so much to see in Vegas and so much that is offered. While the city was pretty much built on the capitalization of betting and divorce, it has grown to be culture, couture and creativity - scenic nature trails, art walks, local fashion and eclectic colors.

And while many are saying that Las Vegas is not what it used to be, including us, it will be again, but better. Fortunately though, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are preparing ourselves for the hospitality industry in our city to come back full force and with a vengeance. Not sure about you, but we are itching to safely network in person as well as develop and partake in events that guests can actually immerse themselves in again - all of the sites, smells, sounds and tastes.

Meanwhile, we have been using our time to capture video and photo content to market our materials and prepare for when everything picks up again. One of the things we love about the city of Las Vegas is just how iconic it is and therefore helps out when trying to catch attention. The mere-exposure effect is what is happening here - a psychological phenomenon that tells us often times people develop a preference for things simply because they are familiar to them. For example, most people across the world have seen or heard of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, so putting it into the background of a photo or video will profit more engagement than content shot with unfamiliar surroundings.

We collected some of our favorite Las Vegas spots to get photo & video content and wrote it down below for you. A suggestion might be to try out one of some of these spots as backdrops and see how it goes! TEP Tip: A great way to find even more iconic Vegas spots - look at User Generated Content (UGC).


Las Vegas Sign @pinupsontour

The LINQ Promenade @gooss3

Neon Museum @rfs.fotografi

The Bellagio Fountains @beerparklv

Bacardi Art Motel @pinupsontour

Fremont Street Experience @gooss3

El Cortez Hotel @pinupsontour @tinselcosmetics

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